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 Gang "Rules"

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Gang "Rules" Empty
PostSubject: Gang "Rules"   Gang "Rules" EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 11:32 pm

Here are the rules for the gangs:

1. You cannot be in two or more gangs at once.
2. You CAN APPLY for multiple gangs, however only be in ONE.
3. You CAN be in an alliance with another gang, limit to 2 clans.
4. You can TRY to have relations with a person from another gang, but if its found out the discipline is left to the gang leader.
5. You can also TRY to be a spy, however if found you may or may not start a gang war. But, you'll probably die.

And that's it. After a while, the gang sticky will disappear because there are too many. When this happens, all newcomers will be forced to join a gang or parish.
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Gang "Rules"
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