In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 The Skills

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The Skills Empty
PostSubject: The Skills   The Skills EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 7:20 pm

Accuracy: The hit percent, better this skill better chance of landing a hit

Stealth: How sneaky you are, better this skill least likely you are of being detected.

Speed: How fast and agile you are, better this skill faster you are in everything.

LUCK: Best skill ever...increases all your rolls a little more, makes you lucky basically.

Hacking: How good you are at hacking electronics and machines, better you are the better quality objects you can hack.

Armor: How good your armor is, better this skill the more armor you can have on you.

Power: How hard you hit, better this skill the more damage you do in close courters combat.

Health: How much damage you can take, better this skill the harder you are to kill.

Intellect: How smart you are, better this skill the better you are at skill rolls.

Arcane: The magic stat, higher this skill the better you are at making things from your mind appear and better you are at using them.

Mind: Mental, everything is in your mind. Better you are at this, the easier it is to wrap your head around things and understand the impossible.

Spiritual: The Spiritual aspect in us all. We all have a spirit, but the higher this skill the more you can do with yours (Such as sending your soul out to fight or something along those lines)

Weapon Skill: How good you are with Weapons, better this skill the better you are with weapons in general.

Critical Hit: After an attack is said to hit, roll the die and check if it does this too. A Critical Hit can end up in a greavous wound, or even death. Depends on how HIGH the hit is. Higher this skill, the more likely you are to hit a Critical Hit AND the more damage it does.

Melee Combat: Hand to Hand combat. Better this skill the better you are at hand to hand.

Charisma: Word choice, better this skill the more persuasive you are.

People Skills: How well you work with others, better this skill the more people like you...the more people like you the more you can get out of them.

Haggle: A successful haggle can end up in lowered prices. The higher this skill the lower buy prices are for you, and the higher sell prices are for you too.

Explosive: How good you are with explosives, better this skill the better you know a blast.

Vehicle: Can you drive well? Better this skill the more in tune you are to your mechanical beast.
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The Skills
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