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 Ouran High School II!

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Ouran High School II! Empty
PostSubject: Ouran High School II!   Ouran High School II! EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 3:38 am

Ouran High School II! Bannerad


Ouran High School, a prestigious school known for providing the best
education to the heirs and heiresses to some of Japan’s wealthiest
families. However, it’s not just known for its education, it was also
highly known for providing the home to the famous (or infamous) Ouran
High School Host Club. As time passed on, each member of the Host Club
slowly drifted away, graduating and moving on to bigger and better
things in life. Ever since then, the 3rd Music Room of Ouran has never
been touched once and still remains the same as the former Host Club
left it; empty, neglected, and forgotten.

As a new generation of students enter through the doors
of Ouran High School, history begins to repeat itself. Little does everyone know, this will not be the start of another school year, but a
new Ouran, and the start of a New Ouran High School Host Club generation 3!

Ouran High School II! Kaoru10
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Ouran High School II!
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