In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 Starting out? See what your JOBS kits have to offer!

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PostSubject: Starting out? See what your JOBS kits have to offer!    Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:25 pm

Here's what each class gets:

Sharpshooter: Bolt Action Rifle (Trainee Sniper Rifle. Shoot, click the bolt, shoot...alot longer then pump), Single Shot handgun (Trainee Pistol. Pew pew pew what we have today), knife, jammer (Trainee Version, radius of 4 feet), Stealth +10, Accuracy +10.

Theif: Knife, Throwing Knives (Trainee Concealed Blades), Screwdriver and bobby pin (Trainee Lock Pick Equipment), Speed +1, Luck +1, Stealth +8, Hacking +10.

Tank: Light Machine Gun (Think SAW or Browning Machine Gun form WWII), medium armor, brass knuckles, Armor +5, Power +10, Health +5.

Mage: Staff of Fireball (Allows Fireballs to be used), Trainee Spellbook (Teaches you Shock and how to make a huge icicle), knife, Intellect +5, Arcane +10, Mind +5.

Psychic: Staff with Christal Ball in it (Trainee Spiritual enhancement), Twisted Spoons (Trainee Telekinetic enhancement), knife, Mind +8, Arcane +2, Spiritual +10.

Weapons Master: M4 Assault Rifle (Trainee Assault Rifle), Semi Automatic Handgun, Military Grade Knife (better then normal knife), Weapon Skill +10, Accuracy +6, Critical Hit +4

Close Combat Master: Long Sword (Trainee Sword), Katana (Trainee Sword), Knife, Baseball Bat (Trainee Blunt weapon), Melee Combat +10, Accuracy +2, Power +5, Health +3.

Assassin: Night Vision Goggles (Trainee Thermal Ops), Camouflage Blanket (Trainee Stealth Equipment), JailBreaked USB (Trainee Hacker Equipment), Akimbo M9 Pistols (Trainee Akimbo Weaponry), Knife, Stealth +9, Speed +5, Hacking +4, Luck +1, Intellect +1.

Leader: Short Sword (Trainee Small Arms Weapon), Revolver Pistol (Trainee Small Arms Weapon), Cane Blade (Trainee Concealed Weapon), Charisma +8, People Skills +9, Intellect +2, Luck +1.

Merchant: Hand Cannon (Trainee Projectile Weapon), Revolver Pistol (Trainee Small Arms Weapon), Cane Blade (Trainee Concealed Weapon), Scimitar (Trainee Blade Weapon), Haggle +9, Charisma +8, Intellect +2, Luck +1, $10.

Solider: M4 Assault Rifle (Trainee Assault Rifle), Revolver Pistol (Trainee Small Arms Weapon), RPG-7 (Trainee Explosive), Military Grade Knife, Light Armor (Trainee Armor), Accuracy +10, Explosive +5, Armor +2, Speed +2, Luck +1.

Pilot: M9 Pistol (Trainee Pistol), Hidden Wrist Blade (Trainee Concealed Blade), HOTWIRING Kit (Trainee Hot Wireing Kit, includes Wire cutters/strippers, rubber cuplings, and rubber gloves), Dirt Bike (Trainee Vehicle), Vehicle +10, Hacking +8, Luck +1, Intellect +1.

Hacker: M9 Pistol with Silencer (Trainee Pistol and Sound Maker combo), Night Vision Goggles (Trainee Thermal Ops), Handheld EMP device (Works for about 4 feet, Trainee Jammer), Jailbroken USB device (Trainee Hacker Device), Hacking +10, Stealth +8, Intellect + 1, Luck +1.

Scientist: M9 Pistol (Trainee Pistol), Hand Cannon (Trainee Projectile Weapon), Sawed Off single barrel shotgun (Trainee Small Arms Weapon), Intellect +10, Hacking +5, Arcane +2, Spiritual +1, Luck +2.

Doctor: M9 Pistol (Trainee Pistol), Knife, Sword (Trainee Blade Weaponry), Poison Syringe (Trainee Concealed Blade), First Aid Kit (Trainee Medical Supplies), +8 Intellect, +10 Health, +2 Critical Hit Chance.

Engineer: Greasy Wrench (Trainee Blunt Weaponry), Modified Torch (Trainee Pistol), Heat Detector (Small screen, Trainee Thermal Ops), +5 Vehicle, +5 Hacking, +7 Intellect, +3 Luck.
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Starting out? See what your JOBS kits have to offer!
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