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 Over all Rules

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Over all Rules Empty
PostSubject: Over all Rules   Over all Rules EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 6:58 pm

So, everywhere needs some rules right? Or there would be like anarchy. So here are some rules that will make this place ALOT better.

1. On the chatbox, anyone with an "@" next to their names are admins. What they say goes. Sebastian, on the otherhand, is the "god" of this ENTIRE site. Anything he says over-rights anything anyone ELSE says.

2. No cursing on the chatbox unless given a good reason. (Words that aren't cursing are damn, ass, shit)

3. Character Apps: make your character realistic. Like someone that ACTUALLY would be alive. No purple hair or anything like that.

4. Avatars: For your avatar, your gonna use the same picture you used for your Character app.

5. Signatures: Not allowed, People over dose on them sometimes.

6. NO GODMODING! In a fight, you cannot move the other's character to be hit, nor can you automatically hit them. This will result in some STRONGLY worded PMs, and you losing the fight.

7. No text talk, such as LOL, OMG, BRB, BBL, or anything like that. Pretend that your post is going to be handed in for a grade, and that grade is what your life relies on.

8. Posting will be in the 3rd person, unless your character speaks. When your character speaks, you MUST use either these: "Hi how are you?" or these: ``Hi how are you?``

9. Characters CAN AND WILL DIE. This is life, and people will kill you. The problem is, there must be a fight. When someone dies you cannot make a new character until you notify an admin. Once you do and you see your EXP points drop to 0, make a new one and keep on trucking.

10. Only ONE character per profile, no second accounts. Unless your relative lives with you (photographic proof only) then no more then 1 account per IP address.

11. In the words of Sebastian: "I swear, if I see ANYONE disobey ANYTHING an admin or MYSELF say, I will PERSONALLY ban them from chat."

12 Warnings:
1st warning: Reprimanding
2nd warning: Banning from chat for 24 hours
3rd warning: Banning from chat for a week
4th warning: Banning from chat until further notice
5th warning: Banned from chat. Period.
6th warning: PM ban
7th warning: Posting Ban
8th warning: Your out of here
if you try to come back after the 8th warning, we will ban your IP address from coming back.
Warnings will be given if you do NOT obey the rules. Each warning (we will keep track) lasts for ONE MONTH!

13. Sebastian's word is law, anything he say goes. If he says to change something, you WILL change it.

14. Have fun, don't bully anyone. Pretend your at a social gathering and you are trying to impress someone. Don't be That Guy/Girl and try to bully. I will personally find you and you will be dealt with. I am a fun person, just don't cross me or anyone of my friends. In disputes, I will be neutral and hear BOTH sides of the story before I make my decision, and ALL decisions will ALSO be addressed to the OTHER admins.

And for a side note:
Unlike SOME webmasters, Sebastian tends to take the rules very seriously. Disobey and if he has to deal with you, you won't enjoy it..
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Over all Rules
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