In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 How to make money without doing jobs/bounties

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How to make money without doing jobs/bounties Empty
PostSubject: How to make money without doing jobs/bounties   How to make money without doing jobs/bounties EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 8:40 pm

There are plenty of ways.

1. Gambling
2. Opening your own shop
3. Selling equipment
4. Mugging people off the street
5. Robbing a house
6. Robbing a store
7. Raiding a C-O-P station
8. Scavenging through ruined remains of burnt down houses
9. Hostage situations
10. Robbing a mall
11. Robbing a bank
12. Stealing cars off the streets and selling them for money

and any other illegal way you can think of.

The issue is this:

Hacking into a bank gives you -10 on your hacking stat, hacking into anywhere that is governmental (C-O-P-S station, mall, store) gives you -10

The C-O-P-S will have a record for you and a warrant for your arrest, and by arrest I mean death

Banks and shops all have back-up systems that will kick in and are so old fashion hacking does nothing.

Gambling is illegal, but you can still get together with a group of friends and play your LUCK rolls against each other for money.

Obviously, stealing is illegal

Houses and civilian cars now a days have security systems and C-O-P-S track them down.

In short, if you got the guts to do it have fun, but don't say I didn't warn you...>.>
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How to make money without doing jobs/bounties
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