In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 Ooops, sorry!

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Ooops, sorry! Empty
PostSubject: Ooops, sorry!   Ooops, sorry! EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 10:29 pm

Calli Canrad here. I know this might sound really stupid but I happened to maybe misplaced the blue prints to a new type of gun...and maybe my mom's that she gave me before she died. I know it doesn't seem like much but I'll pay anyone or ones that will maybe get it back for me? I might have left them in the hotel on 21st street. It a big place and you can't miss it.

The catch is that I'm banned from there and the only time it'll be a good idea to go and get it is when the hotel is having it's monthly cleaning or the grand ball that's coming up soon. It's going to be tuff since a lot of rich people will be at the ball with their body gaurds and those theifs. But then again if you go in when it's getting fixed up then you run the risk of C-O-P-S running the place, tanks, and maybe some of them Mechanics.

Peoples: Max for the job I'm going to say is 2. I don't like crowds, nor does my wallet.

Pay: I'll pay you $100 for both of them (Each) and another $50 for the plans/layouts of that hotel.

Info: Get the gun and the plans and maybe the layout of the hotel to the client (Yankee Stadium)

Extra: The hotel blue prints are a side task but if you don't come back with only one of the two you only get half.

The Choice: You get to pick which time to go and do this at. And if you wish to not hand in the items and keep them for yourself you run the risk of a bounty on your head, but new blue prints and gun (Prints worth $125)
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Ooops, sorry!
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