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 Posting Tips/Clarities

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PostSubject: Posting Tips/Clarities   Posting Tips/Clarities EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 7:06 pm

Here is a few tips for everyone who is having trouble out there.

1. 50 words? That shouldn't take long. Describe the area, describe what your character thinks/feels/is about to do. Detail=words=faster posting.

2. 'Emo' (Yes that was made to make you laugh, so feel free) or By yourself posts are allowed, just don't be anti-social or you won't make many posting buddies to join/make your gang. These posts should be packed with NPC's and other important people that only your character would know in such a situation OR these posts can be important events in your characters life.

3. Getting bored? Start a fight! Riots are great opertunities for looting, which results in items or money that you can then be better equip with, while one off fights can help train your character and win the other's gear.

4. Rules of Hitting in a fight: You take your accuracy stat, and take their speed stat. Then you roll a generic die and see what happens. If your roll PLUS your stat divided by 10 (Ex: Accuracy stat of 10= +1 to die roll) is higher then the other person, you won the roll off and the outcome you desire from that attack will happen.

5. Rolls of other die rolls: you always take your stat that your trying to use (Ex: Hacking stat) and divide that number by 10. Then you add that to the die. LUCK stat always gets added on, and for that stat you must divide by 5 to get. In retrospect, LUCK cannot be raised above 10. NO STAT can add on more then 4, AKA can be more then 40.

6. You cannot just say you found an item. You must tell me what your looking for, such as a better gun for ____ class, and I'll tell you what your final roll must be more then to get it.

7. General roll is for things that don't have their own die. For example hotwiring doesn't have its own die, and if you want to do something like that you must tell me what your trying to obtain, and then I'll tell you the minimal roll. My account, as the webmaster and gamemaster, will always post up what your roll was after you roll a die, so don't think its me being a pest, thats just how dice work.

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Posting Tips/Clarities
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