In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 reds application

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PostSubject: reds application   reds application EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 12:35 am

reds application Jasper9

Name: chris "red" flare

Age: 18

JOB: sharpshooter

Personality: chris is a good man that fallows his own morals and attacks only when attacked.he has a hard time fighting females (he really cant hit a girl) . he is a wanderer so there for is mainly a loner but can get along with a team. he and friends can get throught a lot a great support for those who need it. can be quick in battle but not to quick he is always one for sneak shots.

History: born to be a a loner he was abandoned as a kid his mother and father never where there for him. he went to citys everywhere and learned to contole a sniper on his own. he was picked up by the new york government, they help him grow his skills in sniper training. they had him as a bounty hunter to clam the money to allow him to grow in his own skill. the final bounty they sent him on was a set up to leave him they took his money and his perks of being in the government.he was left again and met a man declan who he had found a friend in because he despised the government as badly as he did.

Stats: Based on your JOB, you get better points in places then others. You have 100 points to play with, but nother goes over 30. BREAK!

Accuracy: 7+10=17
Stealth: 7+10=17
Speed: 8
LUCK: 11
Hacking: 8
Armor: 5
Power: 2
Health: 12
Intellect: 4
Arcane: 0
Mind: 0
Weapon Skill:10
Critical Hit: 5
Melee Combat:3
Charisma: 5
People Skills:5
Haggle: 3
Vehicle: 3
Why did the kid cross the road?: Because the ice cream truck wasn't stopping
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reds application
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