In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 The Heist

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The Heist  Empty
PostSubject: The Heist    The Heist  EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 3:55 am put it simply....I need a few things...
First off, someone that has a car and can drive...
Then, someone that can...persuade...a few of my fellow... allow me back into the Ritz
I also need someone who can distract a few people for me as I go along my own marry little way inside of the Ritz's upstairs penthouse.

And finally, I need someone who can manage to sell 3 special...weapons...with a nice price.

If you want the job, meet me in Yankee Stadium

-The Breakdown-
1. The danger: A lot of lvl 5 and up soldiers, each unit of 3 lead by a lvl 6 or better leader.
The colleagues are all Psychics that can read your mind, try to use that to your advantage
The car needs to be able to take a few shots if stuff gets...crazy

2. The choices: You can choose to just kill everything and blow your way into the penthouse, and eventually get a ton of loot that way, or choose to slowly...and stealthfully...make your way into the penthouse and override the lock on the front yourself, breaking in on what is going to happen up there and maybe even giving you some blackmail to use on the client.
You can also choose to tell the Psychics what their friend is doing and bust him, getting a small reward and avoiding any danger
When the mission is complete and the client hands over the weaponry, you can kill him and loot stuff from him (He's a lvl 10 psychic with high close combat and agility), or just simply take the weapons and run. However, the weapons can be booby trapped, or he can be tracing you, and he can also read your mind.
You can do everything, THEN kill him and keep all the cash

3. The reward: 1,000 dollars, cash, after the Ritz, followed by a third of whatever money you can make off of all 3 weapons
The 3 weapons are: a COPS Riot Control Shotgun (Nothing big...just a one of a kind trainee shotgun), a M4A1 Carbine (Worker class Assault Rifle) and finally, the big daddy, a Gold Plated Desert Eagle (Worker Class Pistol, but adds a lot on the sell price because of the Gold Plates, so in total about a 5000 dollar gun)

If you choose to blackmail: You'll get half of all the weaponry and another 100 dollars at the Ritz.

If you choose to kill and loot: He will have 3000 Dollars on him, and a special mental amplifying silver neckless that allows the user to use Telekinesis, aka it sells for good but wouldn't advise selling.
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The Heist
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