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 Non-reusable Explosives

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Non-reusable Explosives Empty
PostSubject: Non-reusable Explosives   Non-reusable Explosives EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 8:58 pm

Well, it has come to my attention I neglected Frag Grenades and Molotov and other throwing based weapons that cannot be reused.

What happens is, depending on the class of the weapon, you get X amount. The lower the class, the more you get.

A trainee Molotov pack would be the amount of $ it says on the market, however you'd get lets say 5.

While a God of all things ___ly would be the amount of $ it says on the market, however you will only have 1. But that 1 would probably a mega-weapon and would have a MORE devastating effect then the 5 molotovs from the trainee pack.

Remember: Molotovs are fire, and fire is better against unarmored targets, while Frag Grenades and other explosives of the shrapnel type would be better against light armor, while EMP grenades are better against tech.

Here is the list of amount per pack:

Trainee to Apprentice = 10 per pack.
Worker To Master= 5 per pack
Grand Master to God of all things ___ly= 2 per pack.

Remember: the market prices are PER PACK!
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Non-reusable Explosives
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