In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 Information on Death

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PostSubject: Information on Death   Information on Death EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 9:28 pm

Now...before even walking down the street you could die (As in a random NPC could kill you.) However NOW if you are in a normal thread you can't die from the C-O-P-S or a random NPC UNLESS it is a head shot. All other times you would die from a total of 6 points. Now you can go to the hospital and live.

HOWEVER if you are on a JOB/Mission you can die from bleeding out. What do you mean? Well that means at any given moment if you get a total of 6 before you finish the mission you will die. There is no coming back death and starting over so sorry. Maybe next time cut it short when you have a total of 4 against you as it is.
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PostSubject: Re: Information on Death   Information on Death EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 4:54 am

Unless your with people, if you have allies with you and they CHOOSE to save you from bleeding out...AKA abandoning the mission and saving you via a hospital or give you first aid asap WHILE in combat, then you die...

-Rules on Bleeding Out Explained-

~Abandoning the mission~
When you attempt to abandon the mission and save your fallen comrade, then you must first carry them and rush out of the area without getting hurt in the legs or arms. You must have the strength to continue the rather long walk to the nearest hospital (AKA don't get shot and wounded with a severe, minor wounds u can carry on with) and then you must also do this within 2 posts of them falling down.
~First Aid in Combat~
Most of the time, a doctor will be in the group, and this option will appear for them. When a doctor tries to give first aid, the rest of the team CANNOT let the doctor get hit at all. ALSO! You CANNOT move the fallen teammate because of the fact that could do MORE harm. When someone gets down, whether it be right in the middle of the firefight or next to you in cover, you cannot move them.
To successfully give first aid, first you must give up your next 3 posts and describe what your doing to heal them. There are NO dice rolls when doing this, because modern medicine just 'works' that way.

~COPs incapacitating you~
When a COP KOes your teammate, and you leave them there, they will be taken care of, but placed in jail. Anyone in jail will either be in jail for 1 day (no posting for a day except for a visitor) or bail will have to be paid. When this happens, you will lose EXP (roll and whatever you roll SUBTRACTED by your luck is what you lose). It is impossible to lose levels in this way, and your weapons will also be confiscated (any weapons you had ON you at the time, other then stuff such as hidden weapons). You can pay a substantial fee to get them back (Cut all prices by half and thats what you must pay...ask if its confusing because I know this WILL confuse a lot of people).
If the 'death sentence' was given (aka if you killed a politician and was caught your going to get the death sentence) EVERYONE and ANYONE on the site has exactly 1 week to make a post in which they will try to break you OUT of jail while you wait. After that week, you have the opportunity to try and break out yourself (really really difficult) and escape, or just take it. After that attempt (in which each admin will be able to give you their own obstacle if they wish) if you succeed congrats your NOT dead! If you don't...then get to making a new character.

If they choose not to save you, you will die...unless they also get into the state of bleeding out. Then, only if you were ALL taken out by the COPs, you will all be in jail. Otherwise, your all dead and your stuff will be given to that group/Gang/person.

The only way to truly die in this game via combat (immediate death) is by another player OR by attempting a Bounty. Other then that, you can die from bleeding out (from a NPC that ISN'T a COP) but that's all.

-Why add this?-
Because this will make people want to take jobs and have FUN the way that the site was supposed to have. If you still DON'T wanna die, don't attack. I suggest Charisma, People Skills, Stealth, and Mental abilities to persuade people from attacking you...or literally MAKING them.
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Information on Death
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