In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 An Inside Job

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PostSubject: An Inside Job   An Inside Job EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 4:18 am

I need someone to infiltrate an enemy gang, steal their plans for an attack, and then bring it over here. The gang is the Black Hearts gang, and if they actually take down their rival, they'll take over NY.


Well, your going to be in the middle of about 20 NPCs and if you blow your cover your screwed. 20 NPCs lvl 1-5, each one either a soldier, a leader, a tank, sharpshooter, Close Combat Master, Weapons Master, or any other combat based person.

If you don't do this Job or if my gang sees you, your going to have to then fight MY people, and they are mostly psychics...

The Choices:

1. You can take over the Black Hearts and try to take over NY by taking out their enemies.

2. You can become one of them and fight the psychics

3. You can take the plans and deliver them for the reward

4. You can take over the psychic based gang and fight the Black Hearts with or without the plans, with the plans is a lot easier but requires infiltration

5. You can take out both or one of the leaders and attempt to disband the gang via anarchy, which also means taking out a number of higher lvled leaders.

The Rewards:

If you take the first one, you can basically GET control of NYC and become Mayor if you do it right
If you take the second, you'll get Black Hearts Gear (Dependent on what you pick, will be explained in post when you get equipment)
If you take the third, one the reward is $1000 dollars
If you take the fourth, you'll win $2000 dollars and be in the strongest psychic gang in NYC
If you take the final one, via both, you'll get a reward of $5000 from the mayor, and one get out of jail free card...if you only take out one, you'll get half of it.

Regardless of your choice, anything YOU loot is yours.
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An Inside Job
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