In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 The Beginning

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PostSubject: The Beginning   The Beginning EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 7:15 pm

After World War III, which ended in 2025, scientists discovered that the human genome was being altered to better fit certain jobs. Heredity then took over the work force, as people were literally born for their job. As this heredity occurred, there was less of a need for soldiers. World War III had drastic effects on the world, and made the United States become the soul superpower in the world. Slowly, the US took over the world, but policing it was the tricky part. As the United States took over, populations grew. And when populations grew, so did the cities. When Cities grow, crime rates do too. When crime rates grow, police do. The problem was police officers were becoming a dying breed, and instead the US took soldiers for the policing, seeing how another war unless civil would be impossible.

The Police Force then became extinct, being replaced by soldiers. And when the soldiers were showing signs of...rebellion...the United States took the roll of police themselves, creating the C-O-P-S, or Cental Orginization Police Section. This new breed of police were all old FBI agents, yet the FBI was no longer needed. The issues now were not external, but domestic. Crime begun to rise and even bounty hunting was needed, as a civilian would post up a bounty on a C-O-P-S approved board so anyone can see.

As these Bounties became more about petty things, people begun to watch their backs and form gangs. The old Crips and Bloods became extinct, and these gangs were more like Unions, just a group of people trying to make a living by working.

Now, its 2109, and all of the non-genome special people have perished. Only those literally born for the job can work it, and they do their jobs extremely well. The C-O-P-S are a well trained machine, taking down any unapproved activity within blinks of eyes. The only things that haven't changed from the old world are these:

1. Corruption
2. Poverty
3. Expanding Cities
4. Disease
5. The playing field

New faces, new things...same old field. Will you live or die in this new world? Use your powers for the good of the people and of the world or try to get as much money as possible? You decide your faith...and the faith of the world.

~End of History, beginning of a quick blurb~
Now, this is a futuristic and fictional world, where your character can die at any moment. BUT, there are no restraints as long as you don't get caught. OLD technology (As in modern) is still widely used amongst the poorer classes or the beginning classes of the world, and we are all born as traniees. These Trainees then climb the social ladder of their JOB, each JOB has its own hierarchy, and in turn...if you (as the player) post enough you may lead your JOB.

Each player's character will age (Each month that this site is open will count as 5 years) and after 70 years (plus starting age) your character will die. Regardless, that is the age of death in this new world where poverty and health are two huge issues.
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The Beginning
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