In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 Cadin Norm (Valens)

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PostSubject: Cadin Norm (Valens)   Cadin Norm (Valens) EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 5:46 am

Cadin Norm (Valens) ImagesqtbnANd9GcQcpSjQq2XbhTWzvv4YcpJro0sHkAh9CMcaVHYwaAg9tdVuVwHy3g

Name: Originally born as: Cadin Valens, but changed his name to Cadin Norm

Age: 21

JOB: Mechanic

Personality: Cadin is the laid back type, who only really cares about a few set things in life. His woman, his bike, loyalty/honor, and finally...honest money. Cadin hates having to be forced to make money the hard way, and took it to the extreme as a kid. Cadin's catch phrase is to Follow Your Heart, and yet at times he follows the money. As a hypocrite, some could say he hasn't grown into his age, and there is a reason for this (Read History). With the death of his former employer, Seth Nav, Cadin has taken over the Retribution gang, and the gang in general has taken no real impact because of the similarities of Cadin and Seth's leadership, hands off.

Cadin's actual self, behind closed doors, is very passionate and deep, yet in public he covers that self up with childish jokes and at times slightly dirty jokes. Cadin is, at all respects, a kid at heart...who's past haunts him still.

History: Cadin was born 3 years before his younger brother, Trever, and always hated his father's money, because he knew it was tainted with blood. Cadin grew up around his dad's gang, and hated each and every second of it. At the age of 5, when Trever was 2, Their father begun to exploit Cadin's childish demeanor to get a few quick dollars. This is what set Cadin off, and finally Cadin managed to learn a bit about bikes, hijack one, and run away from home at the age of 7. Young, yes, but in this world you either grow up fast or you don't live. His opening to run away was Cadin's father going on a job, taking only Trever with him.

At the age of 16, Cadin decided that his JOB didn't fit him. He was originally a Weapons Master, which was the original spark for his mechanical know how, and Cadin managed to find a scientist who would change the teenager's job to a mechanic. The change, because it manifested itself so deeply into Cadin's genetics, took years and made Cadin himself have to go into a controlled comatose stasis so that his body couldn't reject the process, and after 4 long years Cadin finally was done, and was released. He felt renewed, reborn, and then Cadin decided it was high time to get money, his way. After tinkering away with a few minor jobs, a man called him up to do work on his father's antique bike. When Cadin finally showed up, however, there was no bike, just a raven. The man, who was about 40, showed Cadin that the raven could be transformed into a bike.

Within a few days, Cadin managed to repair the raven bike, yet when he returned the man was dead. The man left Cadin with everything, including enough money to start his own bike shop, and gave him the raven for free. Cadin named the raven Foi, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Foi has a voice recognition AI inside of it, and will always come when Cadin calls.

(GOD this is long..)

Cadin, later on in life, got a call from one Seth Nav to customize, paint, and take out any tracking chips in a COP car, and that is how Cadin became a member of the retribution gang. After proving himself to Seth he was honest and true of heart, Seth gave him the status of second in command, and thankfully for Cadin Seth died before Cadin was kicked from that position, and he is now left with the title of Leader of the Retribution Gang. Now, he has realized that his brother has revived their father's gang...and plans to pay him a little visit.......


Stats: Based on your JOB, you get better points in places then others. You have 100 points to play with, but nother goes over 30. BREAK!

Accuracy: 5
Stealth: 5
Speed: 10
LUCK: 2+3=5 (Cannot be more then 25)
Hacking: 5+5=10
Armor: 1
Power: 1
Health: 10
Intellect: 3+7=10
Arcane: 1
Mind: 2
Weapon Skill: 5
Critical Hit: 2
Melee Combat: 5
Charisma: 5
People Skills: 10
Haggle: 6
Explosive: 2
Vehicle: 15+5=20
Why did the kid cross the road?: Because he left his teddy bear on the other side
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Character sheet
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Weapons: Night Vision Goggles, Camouflage Blanket, JailBreaked USB, Akimbo M9 Pistols, USP.45 pistol with a silencer, Knife, Long sword with flames on the inside
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PostSubject: Re: Cadin Norm (Valens)   Cadin Norm (Valens) EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 7:23 pm

Cadin Norm (Valens) BLUEROSE
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Cadin Norm (Valens)
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