In a futuristic Earth, the population's genetic structure has been enhanced...will you use these new powers for good or evil?
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 The Jobs (List and Perks, BRIEF overview)

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The Jobs (List and Perks, BRIEF overview)  Empty
PostSubject: The Jobs (List and Perks, BRIEF overview)    The Jobs (List and Perks, BRIEF overview)  EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 7:18 pm

Sharpshooter= enhanced vision and can hold breath longer. Uses snipers, pistols, and concealed weaponry. Better Accuracy (chance to hit) and stealth skills.

Thief= Skin can change into different shades and etc. Chameleon basically. AND footsteps are silent. Uses blades, concealed weaponry and hacking equipment. Better speed, Luck, Stealth, and Hacking skills.

Tank= Hardened skin and enhanced physical attributes. Uses heavy weaponry, explosives, and breaching equipment. Better Armor, Power, and Health Skills.

Mage= Someone who can tap into the brains magnetic fields and makes 'magic' happen by using them, telekineses is NOT included. Uses blunt weaponry (Bats, Staffs, Etc) Concealed blades, and small weaponry. Better Intellect, Arcane, and Mind skills.

Psychic = someone who can tap into the spiritual aspect of the body, telekinesis IS included, and can also see things others cant. Uses blunt weaponry (Bats, Staffs, etc) Concealed Blades, and Small weaponry. Better Mind, Arcane, and Spiritual skills.

Weapons Master= Can use all ranged weapon types with equal mastery, can reload and can see heat signatures. Uses all weaponry except heavy weapons. Better Weapon Skill, Accuracy, and Critical Hit chance (Bigger chance of a better wound)

Close Combat Master= Can use face to face weapons with great mastery, has faster hand eye coordination, and can also see 360* (Degrees). Uses all Close Courters weaponry (Blades, Blunt weaponry, and other hand to hand combat weapons) Better Melee Combat, Accuracy, Power, and Health skills.

Assassin= Stealthy, can use akimbo (Dual wield) weapons with equal ease and accuracy as a single weapon, runs fast and climbs faster, basically goes against the laws of gravity. Uses hacking Equipment, Thermal Optics, Blade Weaponry, Concealed Weaponry, Stealth Equipment, and Akimbo Weaponry. Better Stealth, Speed, Intellect, Luck, and Hacking Skills.

Leader= Can use excellent charisma and can talk people into doing anything they want. Uses small arms and concealed weaponry. Better Charisma, Intellect, Luck and People skills.

Merchants= Can look at something and know its value, great haggling, the wealthiest of all. Uses Small Arms, Concealed Weaponry, Bladed weapons, and projectile weapons. Better Charisma, Intellect, Luck, and Haggle skills.

Soldier= Can use explosives and can tell distance from just looking at it, can reload and aim fast, and can also intimidate. Uses Explosives, Assault Rifles, Projectile Weaponry, Bladed Weaponry, and Small Arms. Better Accuracy, Armor, Explosive, Luck, and Speed skills.

Pilot= Can drive any vehicle and hotwire any vehicle, can project escape routes and evade the C-O-P-S. Uses Pistols, Concealed Blades, and Small Arms. Better Vehicle, Luck, Intellect, and Hacking skills.

Hacker= Can hack and pick any lock, master of electronics. Can use Pistols, blades (such as short blades, no long swords) Hacking Devices, Thermal Ops, Sound Makers, Jammers, and other Disruption weaponry. Better Stealth, Hacking, Intellect, and Luck skills.

Scientist= The brain of any operation, can genetically engineer someone to another JOB. Uses Pistols, Small Arms, and Projectile Weaponry. Better Intellect, Arcane, Spiritual, Hacking, and Luck skills.

Doctor= The guy you go to when hurt, Doctors have regeneration abilities. Uses pistols, bladed weapons, concealed blades, and medical supplies. Better Intellect, Health, and Critical Hit Chance.

Mechanic= Grease monkey, the guy that can not only fix but make your machine better. Basically, a pilot and a mechanic are two necessary people for each other. Uses Pistols, Thermal Ops, Hacking Devices, and blunt weaponry. Better Intellect, Vehicle, Hacking, and Luck.
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The Jobs (List and Perks, BRIEF overview)
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